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Aum Rudraksha Designs

Aum Rudraksha Designs



Aum Rudraksha Designs

From The Hills of Bali


Rare, precious bead derived from the 'ELAEOCARPUS'

They have been used by many religions for centuries. Forming naturally from the Rudraksha tree, growing wild & from sustainable plantations in India, Nepal, Malaysia and South-East Asia. Hindu mythology named these beads "the eyes of Shiva". The god meditated on the welfare of mankind, crying tears of compassion, peace and joy. The tears crystallized upon hitting the earth to form these trees.


The bead contains carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen & oxygen.

Indian mystics suggest that when worn against the skin:
• They are cooling
• Strengthens the heart
• Increases mind clarity, memory and general awareness
• Calm the central nervous system
• Helps quiet the mind, frees negative thought
• Increases energy and stamina
• Maintains youth
Divine Qualities

Proclaimed down through the ages
Blesses one with peace of mind & prosperity
Protects against negative forces

Rudraksha are a sought after fashion accessory and spiritual emblem throughout the East and West by those who know the qualities of these rare beads. Anyone can wear them and benefit irrespective of religion, cast, creed, color or sex. They are truly the 'Gem of all Beads'.

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